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1972 Wagoneer
Submitted by Suzanne Edmonds on 2010-07-18 13:11:39
This summer, my father gave the Wagoneer to my son to be his first car. The deal was he would do all the work on it and pay for it's upkeep (including gas) and we (his parents) would pay for the big stuff. He's held up his end - rebuilt the carb, restored the choke to automatic, replaced the rear main seal, rebuilt the brakes and repacked the wheel bearings, as well as replaced all belts, hoses and fluids. The Wag is now running really well. It is still rolling on 1977 visntage tires, which will get replaced one of these days.

He wants to keep it mostly stock. He's not yet old enough to legally drive it, but I've been having a blast in it!

A bit of history on the car: my parents bought it new and our family drove this beastie all over the Eastern Sierra. It's been up and down some of the toughest trails in the area....yup... with those all season Bridgestone tires.

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